We exist to provide the disadvantaged children of countries ravaged by profound development problems with hope, material means and confidence in the future, and give them the tools that allow them reach a situation where they’ll be able to fight for their dreams becoming a reality.

We hold up and support the ongoing projects and campaigns of local NGOs that offer active and continued support on the ground to the children of their own communities.

Take part in it! You can also make a difference!


We picture a future where the children we assist today thrive and become dream ambassadors, rendering themselves into guides, support and inspiration for the upcoming generations of their own communities.

We dream about a future without inequalities but opportunities for everyone, which generates self-sufficient people.

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We firmly believe and are absolutely motivated by the work we do. Seeing the kids grow up, learn and gain confidence in spite of the difficulties is the fuel that powers our engine and makes us reach every day a little step further. We do not allow ourselves to give up in our struggle to see all dreams fulfilled.


We cooperate with each other because we are conscious that it is only in cooperation that we’ll be able to find the best version of ourselves. We add up all efforts, ours and those of the people around us, so we can harness our shared dreams and build an inclusive future.


We are honest, transparent and ethical in all those activities we carry out, support or get involved with. We always act in the best interest of dreams: first and foremost in those of the children, and then in those belonging to our extended community of dreamers.


We are scrupulously respectful with each one’s idiosyncrasy, and we do not discriminate for any reason. We understand everyone is different, both individually and culturally speaking, and we nurture ourselves with the numerous benefits that come along with diversity.


We do not regard surrender as an option. We are tenacious fighters, and we persevere in the pursuit of our dreams about achieving a better world. We know that  our path gets often filled with obstacles and difficulties, but we are ready to take all them on, sort them out and keep going forward.


High above any other concept. Proximity, empathy, warmth, compassion. Connecting as human beings, acknowledging the others as part of oneself and love them, is the only way that can save us from the flagrant injustices and inequalities which ravage the world.


These are our values as dreamers, but they might as well be yours. If you felt mirrored while reading them, do not give it a second thought…

Help us bring our mission to a safe harbour!

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