Dream Big is a nonprofit philanthropic organization, legally established according to current Spanish law and registered with the Department of Justice of the regional government of Catalonia (Generalitat de Catalunya).

The association is comprised of a group of socially committed and highly diverse people: the dreamers. As such, all the associates share the common aim of transforming our world into a better place, and it is because of that reason that we join forces in an alliance that allows us to accomplish our goals.

Our work primarily and very especially revolves around the task of helping and supporting vulnerable children, in places ridden with severe scarcities or a complete absence of basic services. What we are after is to provide with chances all those kids who weren’t born with the same opportunities we’ve had, just because we got lucky enough to be born somewhere in the western world. We understand it is our responsibility to reach out for all those little ones who require our help.

We want to share our resources, tools and knowledge with those who are most in need, so they can get an opportunity in life. We work so the children we assist, today with few prospects and few solid hopes, the day of tomorrow will be able to build and walk their own path. Furthermore: we’ve grown focused on guaranteeing their right to dream, in spite of the many difficulties and hurdles, and we are fully determined to do anything necessary so their dreams never get watered down to a mere utopian idea.

In Dream Big we are positive, persistent and enjoy dreaming. We hope that, thanks to our help and support, the dreams of all the children get a little closer to becoming a reality.


The founder,








Cristina Solé


Cristina Solé, fundadora de Dream Big

Dream developer: driving force that pushes day after day so dreams become a reality. Founder of Dream Big.

Marlene Schmolke


Marlene Schmolke, col·laboradora de Dream Big

Coordinator of better futures. Expert dreamer and deep connoisseur of Cambodian rural communities. A vital support for Dream Big.

Phuy Rathana


Dream Big Cambodia & Cristina English School director. Responsible for the management of dreams at the local level.

Laura Ribé


Persistent dreamer and designer of the learning programme taught at Cambodia’s Cristina English School.

Ruby Hemsworth


Fellow designer of the lesson programme at Cristina English School. Member of Dream Big Cambodia’s management committee.

Ryan Hurley


Long-term English teacher and assistant coordinator at Cambodia’s Cristina English School.

Renee Z. Ding


Dream enhancer. Tireless worker for the well-being of the children and decisive support for the survival and continuity of the project.

Violane Fardoux


Violane Fardoux, col·laboradora de Dream Big

Dream keeper. Main love and care administrador amongst the most disadvantaged children.

Cristina Garcia


Cristina Garcia, col·laboradora de Dream Big

Event planner and solidarity promoter. Capable of poking consciences and mobilizing masses towards the world of dreams.

Oscar Gato


Oscar Gato, col·laborador de Dream Big

Omnipresent dreamer, always on the avail to lend some help. Chief consultant and trustworthy advisor to Dream Big.

David Castejón


Webmaster, copywriter and creator of the amazing platform where all the dreamers get their dreams uploaded.

Úrsula Calderón


Field dreamer, hardened in prolonged campaigns on the ground. Expert in extending the thread of dreams.

Ugo Malacari


Dream Big Cambodia’s community manager. Conveyor of hopes, dreams and achievements via the social networks.

Luca Bettrancourt


Field dreamer and persistent volunteer. Time after time, back on track to fulfill the expectations of the kids.

Eliza Grlj


Dreamsletter designer. Our voice reaching out to all the dreamers. Transmitter of wonders and big news.




We need resources of all kinds, but above all we require strong will and commitment.

You can be also a dreamer and make dreams become a reality with us.

Help us grow up!

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