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VFRCC’s English school in Bakong provides free classes in English to children from around the area, fundamentally supporting itself on the collaboration of a host of international volunteers. Unfortunately resources are scarce, and the conditions present in the premises far from optimal, so there are occasions where it becomes difficult to attract new volunteers who can replace the ones finishing their stay.

In times of absence of volunteers, VFRCC requires the services of local teachers who not only master the English language but are also qualified to undertake the task of coordinating the continuity of the teaching project. Hiring someone with that kind of profile has a monthly cost of 200€.
Group photo picturing teachers and students in VFRCC’s English school in Bakong


Free access of some parts of the population to not purified water sources is a big problem in Cambodia, which is the cause to numerous infections and can even result in death.

We are collecting funds to purify the water in the well that VFRCC has in its school in Bakong, with the aim of freeing the organization from the cost and its dependence (both economical and environmental) on bottled water. The cost of the filters required to sanitize the well (which must be replaced over time) is set at 50€.
Cambodian girls in search of clean sanitized water


Access to health is neither public nor free in Cambodia. That prompts a lot of parents to take their kids to the doctor only in the event of a serious disease.

We are gathering funds to guarantee the health of the children under VFRCC’s care. We aim at medical check-ups once every 3 months, so the kids can keep growing up healthy and strong. Each visit to the doctor has an average cost of 25€, excluding all medicines necessary as a consequence of possible treatments.
Cambodian VFRCC’s student after a medical check-up


In the last few years, in VFRCC they’ve been lucky enough to witness a bunch of their children grow up, finish their studies in the public school and take on the exams to access university. Unfortunately, even though school is free it is also insufficient, so many parents decide to pay for extra classes for their children. What’s more, signing up for a university implies an unaffordable cost for the vast majority of students, who find an impassable wall in high education and a barrier holding up or entirely cutting off their personal progress.

We are collecting funds to help VFRCC complete its comprehensive educational project aimed at the children of rural communities. At the moment, the cost of 3 extra classes is set at 1€, while the average cost of university fees in Cambodia amounts to 600€.
Cambodian kid attending English classes provided by VFRCC’s volunteers


The geographical area of residence for many of the children attending VFRCC’s school in Bakong is wide and dispersed, and it is for this reason that many of the kids require some transport means to get to their classes on time. The fact that the school is located very close to the main highway connecting Siem Reap to Phnom Penh makes it very dangerous for the kids to cover the distance on bike. At the moment VFRCC has a “tuk-tuk” at its disposal, allocated to the task of transporting the children. However, this vehicle has proven to be insufficient and unsafe when it comes down to transporting the children over the badly maintained dirt tracks of the area, especially during the rainy season.

We are collecting funds so VFRCC can acquire a secondhand minivan, with which the transportation of the children can be carried out in an efficient and safe way, independently of the weather conditions. The approximate cost, depending on the model, revolves around 4000€.
Tuk-tuk transporting some children back home after attending school in Bakong


At the moment, the orphans assisted by Save Omwana Africa are being lodged with shelter families, since the premises owned by the organization are really tiny and not equipped with the minimum conditions to accommodate anybody in a permanent way. Those families are very poor and cannot guarantee any good assistance to the children, at least nothing beyond finding them some space under their ceiling. It is for that reason that the immediate goal of Save Omwana Africa is to build a community home for all their kids, where they can take care of them properly and in a continued comprehensive way, within an ambience of communal warmth that gives them some sense of belonging.

We are collecting funds to finance the development of this long-term but absolutely essential project, which has an estimate cost of 20412€, split up into the acquisition of the necessary land, the construction of the actual premises and their proper conditioning.
Orphan child showing the bad conditions of his shelter home


Inexplicably enough, in the villages and even in the rural areas of a rich and fertile land like Uganda, a lot of families suffer daily from the fact of not being able to provide their households with some hot meal on the table. Many times that uncertainty gets to the point where, among ample swathes of the population, there can’t be any reassurance whatsoever as to whether the following day there’ll be something available to eat or not.

We are collecting funds to guarantee the feeding requirements of the children assisted by Save Omwana Africa. Keeping the 60 kids under the charge of the organization well fed, with basic but nutritious products, has a monthly cost of 261€.
Orphan children fed by Save Omwana Africa at its community center


Uganda is a country under the threat of a high sanitary risk. In addition to that, its medical prevention and assistance system is completely deficient. The whole region is constantly exposed to the fierce strike of some of the most deathly epidemics there are in the world (malaria, pneumonia, measles, meningitis…), but without a doubt one of the most serious problems it has to face is the high transmission rate of the HIV virus highlighted in its statistics. Some of the children cared for by Save Omwana Africa are actually infected, while many ended up orphans following their parents death as a consequence of the disease.

The goal of Save Omwana Africa is to keep all the children under its watch healthy and monitored, as well as providing them with treatment if needed. Bringing up medical staff to check on the health of the children has a cost of 95€, and that’s something that needs to be repeated over time.
Nurse performing a medical check-up on an orphan kid from Save Omwana Africa


Due to the widespread poverty affecting the country, there’s a lot of children not attending school in Uganda. This is so because, as it seems reasonable, many families prioritize subsistence before any other expense. Keeping an active profile in the public school requires the payment of some fees. In the event of not fulfilling the payment, the kids are allowed to keep attending the classes (provided the teachers are benevolent and go along with it), but they are prevented from taking exams and progress grades. This situation generates them a big feeling of frustration and make them unmotivated, thus risking their chance of building a future for themselves.

We are collecting funds to guarantee the schooling expenses of the 60 kids assisted by Save Omwana Africa. The quarterly fee every child has to pay is set at 45€, so that keeping the 60 children within the school system for the duration of 1 year represents a total cost of 8100€.



One of the main objectives of Save Omwana Africa is to become self-sufficient, so they don’t have to depend on donations and external contributions for the development of their tasks.

At the moment, there’s a project defined to build a pond intended for the breeding of fishes. This pond would have the capacity of both meeting the feeding requirements of the chlidren and becoming a key economical resource of self-sufficiency for the organization, through the sale of its excess produce. Including the acquisition of the land and the construction of all the necessary infrastructure, the estimated cost of the project nears the magnitude of 4000€.
Save Omwana Africa volunteers sell excess produce in a local market

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