Ways to help

There are lots of ways of participating in a solidary cause and helping those who are most in need. At Dream Big, becoming a dreamer and dreaming about a better world means contributing with something within the possibilities and abilities of each one.

Choose now the way in which you want to help:


The amount of work that is required to keep the flame of dreams alight for many children in a situation of vulnerability is arduos and never ends.

Contribute by offering us your knowledge or the ability in which you stand out the most.


We need to grow in a continued and steady way if we want to be able to reach further and better, thus rendering possible the dreams of more and more children.

Help us with a regular contribution and keep yourself updated about our progress.


There are some exceptional and very specific needs, often urgent, in the projects we cooperate with.

Participate with a one-time contribution and check on the results of your support.


The dreams of the children in the projects we cooperate with wouldn’t be possible without the assistance of volunteers who work on the ground for their well-being, on a daily basis.

Travel to the countries where we operate and give a hand to their communities in need.