Community support for Ugandan orphans with Save Omwana Africa (SOA)

SAVE OMWANA AFRICA is a local nonprofit organization that operates in Lugazi, a township located some 50 kilometers to the east of Kampala (Uganda). Its general objective is to offer some hope to the orphan children of the town and other adjacent villages, often abandoned in situations of extreme vulnerability as a result of their parents’ death due to the many epidemics that ravage the region. Currently the project is comprised of an early detection, help and follow-up system for orphans and widows in need, and a community center, where the kids gather weekly so they can get a feeding supplement and some minimum education that sticks them together within the social fabric.

Right now one of the most serious problems faced by the project is the lack of space in its community center. Its utterly insufficient size forces the children to stay in shelter homes, with families that are extremely poor and already find serious difficulties in making ends meet for their average households of 6 to 8 members. These families only accept to take in some of the orphans as long as SAVE OMWANA AFRICA provides them with their sustenance, normally an extra consisting of food. Even though follow-ups and regular checks are performed for every particular case, those in charge of the organization can never hold the absolute certainty of knowing what happens indoors, or whether the kids will be effectively taken care of or not. It is because of this reason that the most urgent goal of SAVE OMWANA AFRICA is to build a community home where all the children can get properly attended, in an integral and continued way, thus laying the foundations to create a family environment of their own, where all the kids can establish solid bonds between themselves and grow some feeling of belonging which allows them develop as individuals in society. Those behind the project are currently putting all their efforts and spirit into obtaining this most needed facility, but there’s still a long way to go and a lot to do.



We help them attract volunteers

We advise them and help them manage their resources

We divulge their work and help them become known

We help them get funds

We support them with their development on the ground

You can also give them a hand…


SAVE OMWANA AFRICA was founded and keeps managed by two siblings native from Lugazi, Fred Sseruteega and Gloria Kuteesa. Just as the children they assist today, both had to endure a very hard childhood after losing their parents to the HIV virus. Educated and brought up in orphanages, they took the first opportunity they got to start their own project, with the idea of contributing and giving some help to the most vulnerable in their community.

At this moment the organization assists 60 kids from around the area, providing them with some warm food on the table, access to the education system and a ceiling under which they can sleep the night off.

Thanks to SAVE OMWANA AFRICA the children of Uganda now get an option to start dreaming big about their future, and it is because of that that we grant them all our support.

In the hope that all those dreams every day get a little closer to becoming a reality!


We collect funds for the construction of a shelter home for orphans

We guarantee school attendance for all the children

We deliver medical assistance

We provide sexual education in order to prevent the spread of HIV

We collect funds for the development of self-sufficient food growth programs

You can also participate!


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